End Of Life Care Training – December

We’re happy to announce new virtual training dates titled: Identifying Patients in the last year of life in care homes.

December training dates:
8th December at 11.00am
22nd December at 11.00am

Duration: 30 minutes

Session aims:

  • To understand what needs to be done and be in place to make sure people have a good death
  • To give you the skills and confidence to  identify people entering into their last year of life
  • To understand how to use the written information you have been sent, which will help you assess and record people’s wishes

Session outcomes:

At the end of the session, the participant will be able to:

  1. Identify residents in your care home who are in the last year of life
  2. Be able to use the Gold Standards Framework (GSF) literature to support you in that assessment
  3. To know who to discuss this with and where to record it
  4. Understand the importance of planning for end of life care

To register your free places, please contact Wendy Winterbottom, Vanguard Project Support Officer via email  wendy.winterbottom@anhst.nhs.uk  or telephone:  01535 294546.